Saturday, October 01, 2005

Monsieur l'Ogre 4

A companion to the previous "Adam" - see the earlier post - which hang in the house of M. l'Ogre.
Done in 'Painter" in a rough expressionist manner. (I love Franz Marc and the Blau Reiter group.)
As you can see, Eve is a little further up the evolutionary tree than her boyfriend.


Chhuy-Ing said...

If I were a crazy Starwars fan, you would be like a Jedi master to me :). There's so much to learn from your work, I'm so impressed... Thanks for your wise advice. I'm completely stunned by your backgrounds and by the powerful atmospheres you can create. I've completely fell in love with your Being Kong story. The way you paint Kong is amazing, your work is powerful.

limbolo said...

may the force be with you...