Wednesday, October 13, 2010

George Orwell

I doubt that he ever appeared on a cigarette card.
In the background there's the Isle of Jura where he wrote 1984 and got some fresh air.

Here's to George Orwell. He's been gone a long time now but still he speaks to us in a clear, wise voice.


Jack Snider said...

That's a beauty of a portrait. He remains unfortunately prescient.

Oscar Grillo said...

Solid picture!

Check here:

JP said...

Love this, and the idea of a set of them. When's the Aldous Huxley one due?

limbolo said...

I was just thinking the same thing JP.
This just came off the cuff because I was reading 'Inside The Whale'
I'd have to set a ground rule - only smokers need apply.

Oscar, thanks. It would be good to know what Orwell would have made of the merchandising of his fables. I suspect he wouldn't be one bit surprised.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Limbolo- I thought of you this week as I passed a giant Canaletto poster of Venice in the underground. The details are wonderful, in fact the posters so large that the attention to detail defies belief.

It reminded me of you.

P.s the word verification is GAZAB. It sounds like a great character to design doesn't it?

limbolo said...

Are we to have a Canaletto show? I'm always the last to know.
I once went to peer at the Canalettos in the NG with a magnifying glass but was warned off by one of the guys in a blazer. I took in binoculars next time. He warned me off again. I complained to the management. They told me the wee fellow had carte blanche.... At least the national Canalettos are safe from prying eyes