Friday, September 09, 2005

Limbololand 5

6 concepts for an ideal city.


BenerdWalkin said...

Really cool concepts...I like the exploration....thanks for sharing

BenerdWalkin said...

Hey Neil

thanks for visiting my blog....I have a question about your paintings how long does it take you to out put something like these 6 concept peice?

More weddings in the future post...

Alina Chau said...

Come across your blog today, I like it a lot!! You have very unique artworks and style!! Can't wait to see more of your new stuffs!!

limbolo said...

these little compositions began life as CGI 'set' concepts for a TV trailer so I was under the usual pressure to hurry along. Most of the work was done in a day...Then another day of tweaking, putting them upside down, back to front, altering this colour, that colour.
Working with lots of abstract shapes, layered in Photoshop, gives plenty of room to improvise.
I like paintings but I love prints and I am always fascinated by the 'serigraphic' and 'lithographic' qualities that can generated in Photoshop. The mass public has been hypnotised by the 3 dimensional illusion of computer generated imagery which is why we see the CGI features that we do. But it's all in its infancy.
If time is the 4th. dimension, colour may be the 5th....Let's go there.