Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Golem.

3 black and white concepts for the Czech fable.

One of the best modern versions is by Primo Levi, who did time in the death camps.
Unforgettable are the first words that the creature speaks:
"Why do the unjust prosper?


hans said...

amazing designs, neil. interesting that this story
to me only works in black and white. I just wanted to
post some frames from the old german film version
together with caligari. coincidence..

limbolo said...

Bring 'em on Hans.
I'm sure you know the work of the architect Hans Poelzig, who was the production designer on Paul Wegener's classic.
There is a book on Poelzig: ISBN. 0-262-16127-3
I think I heard that Wegener made this fim twice...I don't know which version I've seen.
In the Lon Chaney/Universal WOLFMAN movie there was a mad architect character called Poelzig...Normally seen among interesting artdeco sets...But poorly lit and nothing like Poelzig's own mysterious work...Well, I guess it would'nt put bums on seats.

Yaxin said...

it's a great story and the drawings are superbes....
Have you been inspired by the Golem's story made by Dino Battaglia?

limbolo said...

Hello Yacin,
These drawings are about 10 years old.....I just found them again.
Daniel Cacouault showed me Battaglia's Golem about 5 years ago. I do like Battaglia...But I don't like his version of the creature.
I'd like to return to this theme when the time is right.
Paul Wegener's strange costume is hard to beat. Noone would create a movie monster like that these days.
Is Battaglia still around?
And where is my favourite Italian BD artist Sergio Toppi?

Maïlys said...

c'est vraiment superbe...