Saturday, October 22, 2005

These are frames for the TARZAN II storyboard.
Some are based on the work-in-progress storyboards.
I was working in London...The story guys were elsewhere...So my apologies to them: I never knew whose work I was messing with.


Yaxin said...

whereever they are, those story guys must be happy anyway....

Atlantean said...

A shame they didn´t use your style for the sequel. It would have been the first sequel I would have actually bought.

Beautiful artwork, really. Thanks for posting it.

limbolo said...

I did my work as best I could.
I sent it down the wire to Character Builders and I suppose they did what they could.....I expect Disney expect a sequel to know its place and follow in line.
Tarzan 1 was a roller coaster ride...I especially enjoyed the baboon attack on Emma Thompson - I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did - but as art direction, it's just a sticky mess.
I suspect there were too many cooks.
I haven't seen Tarzan II....It's been so long, so long, and I've other fish to fry.

UM said...

Lucky fish

Matt J said...

Although Emma Thompson does indeed deserve an attack of the baboons, it's Minnie Driver voicing Jane in that movie. Thompson was the feline/alien Captain in TREASURE PLANET.

I remember your design theory on the TARZAN backgrounds that all the tropical plants & foliage they put in acted as 'mini star-shaped explosions' that distracted the eye too much. Made me wonder then how the heck do you paint a jungle? Once I saw your concept work all became clear.
Another lesson learnt Mighty Limbolo.

limbolo said...

ok, I stand corrected: Minnie got the monkeys.
But the other stuff ? Shtars you shay? Musht be shome mishtake surely.
Tarzan is certainly swarming with wriggly bits....Horrid.

mtoons said...

Very cool pictures. Beautyful colors. I like them very much.

Best regards
michael verhülsdonk