Monday, February 06, 2006

the heretic king 10

Deadstown opened a discussion on the pros and cons of 'real' paint vs CG images.
This shot is, for me, an example of something I could not have achieved by 'traditional' means.
But then it's not really a 'painting'...It's a moment in imaginary time: a still from an imagined movie.


Elliot said...

In a comment that dissapeared into the void, I noted that in the case of my own work, the computer has probably given me more spontenaity but it has also made me a bit lazy.
That whole ctl-z is a bit wicked I think.
You learn less from mistakes, perhaps.
Terrific image as always.

Oscar Grillo said...

Well, Limbo (By the way,I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!)I could show you some oil illustrations by Dean Cornwell that are not million miles away from what you achieve here.

limbolo said...

Well I guess Dean Cornwell has his way and I have mine.
Show me the aforesaid oils and I'm happy to talk about it. If Dean can do it in oils, great!...Me, I can't do anything in oils but get paint on my shirtfont.
But this is a design for film...Not a painting, as such. The actuality of paint gets in the way. This image, which I offer to any with time to look at it, is, I believe, a ready running mechanism that an animator can work with.

ushuaia said...

A piece of chalk, a fine brush. an airbrush or a computer are nothing but tools in the artist's hand. True, sometimes the complexity or the difficulty of the medium gets in the way of the art, but just as often it spurs creativity. In the end, only the result matters to the audience. In art, the end justifies the means.
Personnally, I miss the smells and the stained shirtfronts.

limbolo said...

Hello again Ushuaia...your eloquence has been missed.

limbolo said...

Re. Dean Cornwell.
A little confusion in Limboloand:
I thought you were referring to Dean Kornwell, Oscar. This is an alias formerly used by my onetime associate Dr. Klop for obtaining money under false pretences.
Now Dean Cornwell... Another matter...One of those irreproachable masters of American illustration....One can only dream.

Clio said...

Damn, wow!

I LOVE YOU said...


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