Tuesday, October 17, 2006

If anybody wants to take it on, let me know.
And if anyone knows anything about the Pope movie...Do tell.


alberto mielgo said...

what a taste!.
Once I show in France a comic book about Zinedine Zidane and another one about Che Guevara... same colection. People is runnig off imagiation I guess.
I would love to see some of those Pope's frames.

Of course your art piece is beautifull.

By the way, and talking about graphic or animated biographies,there is another title . But this may be is more interesting that the above ones: Is a new CD-comic book about Tete-Monteliou. The drawings are fantastic, you should check it and listening, if you don't know it yet.

Oscar Grillo said...

"Shake, Rattle and Roll" by Big Joe should be on the soundtrack.

Elliot said...

It's called RAT POPE.
A Dreamworks production.
Paul the Pope is the head of the rodent church.
He helps to defeat the rodent devil with the help of his socially mismatched sidekick - Jesus the Gerbil.

On a related note - I have actually read the comic book based on the life of the last Pope, written by Stan Lee I think.

I also have a friend who has a marvellous pop up book about the Royal Family.
My favourite page is a sequence that makes it like Charles has snagged a corgi on a fishing line.

hans bacher said...

got the link on michael sporn's blog -
the trailer will be a jewel in your

william wray said...

Neal, You have to start somewhere so you can have a build:

Once upon a time in log cabin out in a Kansas swamp there was a tiny brown baby with a huge voice. When he hollered, you could here him 15 miles in a rainstorm. He would wail so loud the alligators would complain. When he started singing the earth would move and the stars would cry. Baby Joe's Mammy took him to the witch woman who lived on the mountain. "My babies cries to loud, he done blown my roof of mo' times than I can recount," explained Mrs. Joe to the witch woman. "You got to feed him the bear meat, his body's got to catch up with his voice." pronounced the witch woman with unarguable certainty. You give him to the 'Gator. Tell them I said so and they won't ate him." So the mother gave Little Joe to the Alligators telling them if they feed him bear meat and taught him alligator songs his body would catch up to his voice and make the kind of deep mellow sounds the Alligator liked. So it was done.

Elliot said...

Gold, William, gold.

Matt J said...

Yeah baby, I would like to see the life of LIMBOLO animated please.

mr paul said...

I saw the notice today in the morning news,..guess they could make the life of the actual pope in a Go Nagai´s style:"RAZINGER Z" would be a good tittle

limbolo said...

Good afternoon and thank you for tips, quips and connections.

Big Bill,
Mmm...Have you got anymore like that?

lotusgreen said...
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Joshua James said...

Mr. Ross,

Your work is a constant subject of study for me. And any chance I get I suggest to friends to reference back to your work.

Thanks for for all the inspiration!


limbolo said...

I thank you kindly, but you're way off the point.
My humble thanks to you too. I was talking about this picture this evening to a friend who pointed out that I had made a mistake in using 'stock' typefaces .
I should have taken the trouble to work out completely new letterforms. It would have taken some time to do this, But the effort would have been worthwhile. As GURDJIEFF once said: "Never Hurry".

Paul Sørensen said...

I saw a clip of this film with some cartoon doves of peace looking on at the Popes radiance, beautiful!

Elliot said...

I disagree regarding the use of stock typefaces.

limbolo said...

Yes, Paul.
I too saw the quivering breasted doves. And two other unknown (but perhaps pious objects) wearing boots and gloves.

What makes you such a curmugeon these days?

Elliot said...

Nothing in particular - I just disagree that it was especially important to create your own typeface.

dodos said...

Big and Blue.

Anonymous said...

I love the Big Joe pieces but the type isnt helping at all

limbolo said...

I think we're agreed on that, anon.