Tuesday, May 15, 2007


One from the show.


UM said...

The prime example!

Alina Chau said...


Chensio said...

woa! que bueno! :O

alberto mielgo said...

Beautiful piece, I had the luck to see it in the exhibition.
Or am I more lucky to see it here?
Well, i have to say that looks gorgeus in both ocasions.
Taking again to your point about digital and prints in " exhibition blues " ( sorry I couldn't be part of the comments on time), I like very much what you said about how digital work loose authenticity ones you printed or framed.

Digital work is very bad treated, most of the times we show our work in paper under print variations, under too dark or too blue copy, sometimes we show it in internet, and every single person has completely different calibration!
Sometimes an asshole ask you to have your piece to "touch" some colors with phothoshop...

I've been thinking and maybe the mistake is to treat digital work as non digital.
I have an idea that I would like to treat with you for a next exhibition or different show. I think that we should show our digitals in the support that it deserves : a digital space , a nice flat screen. May be interactive one? Or just slide show?
Today I've been in a computer shop and I did show those new mini slide show devices for photos. Old traditional photos are great printed, but digital photos always looks nicer in the screen than printed. Photographers now day have the same problem than us now that they work in digitally.
For instance : In screen we have the beautiful RGB, while printing we can only use CMYK( which is so limited).
Allways so great to speak with you. Lets try something about it.

limbolo said...

We should think this one through.

Jared Shear said...


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william wray said...

The technology is here now to have a simple lit flat screen that would just be for digital print display on the wall. If all it had to do was just enough memory display prints, I can't imagine it being that expensive.