Monday, September 10, 2007 nationalism a good thing?

.... don't all say no.

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Lorin said...

Nationalism/patriotism is fine as long as it's not mistaken by the ignorant citizens (of their respective countries - everyone falls under this umbrella) for arrorgance.

If you're going to force your cultural ideology on other nations at least have the decency to wrap it in a snazzy package. I mean, seriously...can you say no to the Spice Girls?

Love your work, btw way.

Matt J said...

YES! I'm wearing tri-coleur undies!

limbolo said...

Well...Yes... I mean, NO to the Spice Girls. (There wuz two I didn't fancy anyway.)
Actually I think your'e talking about what we used to call - in my marxist days - 'cultural imperialism'. It always comes in a snazzy package - that's the problem.

Don't get any skidmarks on our tricolour Y-fronts.

Jack Snider said...

Be thankful you don't live here Mr. Ross ( a midwest city in the U.S. ). Imagine rednecks driving around in pick-up trucks with two huge American flags mounted on the back apparently stating, "I'm not just patriotic. I'm twice as patriotic as you."

If any of the flag waving would result in a support of the constitution or the rule of law, then maybe I could get behind it.

Much of it comes down to saying " We're bringing democracy to the world, but frankly, there's just too much of it here."

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” - Edward Abbey

limbolo said...

Thanks for that trenchant intervention Mr Snider.
I am a citizen of an old and declining imperial power. Our problems seem greyer compared to yours. It makes them a harder to see.

Why are you out there in redneck country?
In a sense, I am too. Here the South of France, with its balmy climate and sparkling sea, is considered to be a 'deep south'. And I take an intense interest in what my liberal, metropolitan French colleagues consider a redneck thing: la Course des Toros. Tomorrow I will go to see the Miura bulls at Nimes.
" C'est la dernière corrida, encore."

Jack Snider said...

I have to admit I was born in a rural area near here and could be called a recovering redneck in a way. I might have been better off describing the flag waver above as intellectually impoverished instead.

Why don't I move? My wife likes it here and besides I wouldn't know where to move.

I have no more problem with bull fights than I do the slaughter of cattle for steak and hamburger. I wouldn't mind seeing either once , out of curiosity, but I don't know if I would want see it more than once.

My brother once raised a calf to a bull and then took it to slaughter. I'm pretty sure he cried before he handed it over to the slaughterhouse. Rural people are generally more aware that animals are food. I suspect the bullfight is a ritual, rich with symbolism, stemming from a similar people.

Enjoy the show.

limbolo said...

Well, I didn't really.
But I'll have to talk that one over, elsewhere.

I hope you and Mrs. Snider continue to enjoy the the place you live in.