Monday, February 18, 2008

colour sketch for a family romance


Jamal O said...

The mother rabbit, educates the little one.

I'm fan of your work neil.

I enjoy the flat shaded colours here.

Jamal O said...

excuse me I meant "sir"

Forgive I'm been in America way too long.

limbolo said...

Hello Jamal,
You're very polite, but you don't have to call me Sir... Just don't call me asshole.

The 'Family Romance' is one of Sigmund Freud's interesting ideas. Roughly, it goes like this: "My parents are not my real parents. Actually I am the child of Royal descent." One can interpret 'royal' loosely to mean parents much more important or marvellous than those you've got. The Harry Potter stories play on this theme and it underlies their enormous success.
It's typically adolescent and - psychoanalysis says - we all think this way. It's part of the phantasy that informs and modifies all conscious behaviour. I'm inclined to agree, but - like all Freudian theories - you can't prove it. I don't have to. I'll let others argue it out while I get on with my work.
2 things:
1. People who work in 'Art Direction' for animation will be familiar with the 'colour sketch'. It's the basic unit, it isn't meant to be highly finished - It's supposed to establish colour and hit an idea quickly. Working with a digital programme like Photoshop or Painter makes the process even faster.

2.I scribble into sketch books all the time. My sketch books are not very practical or presentable. They contain a lot of 'unconscious' phantasy. Much of it is a mystery to me. Over the last 2 years I noticed that I was drawing these little black rabbits. I have become very drawn to them and see them as a silent ideal.

Alex Dukal said...

black rabbits mixed with freudian theories, wow! that's a nice subject to work with.
Neil, thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment!

Jamal O said...

Well where I'm from its customary to pay respect to my elders, especially when I don't know them formally.

But cool. Thank you, Neil shall suffice.

The concept behind "Family Romance" is intriguing, and I agree that it is a thought that all humans beings have entertained at one time or another. I suggest it can even be applied to whole nations. Perhaps thats why the mayflower met water.

Regarding your sketchbook, Its often amazing when you peer into the drawings that Artists have made subconsciously.

they say there is "truth" in the subconcscious

Thanks 4 the Art direction tip.

Love your work!

limbolo said...

Some hares loose in the grass here, Jamal. I'd better let the plot thicken.