Tuesday, May 05, 2009



Luc Desmarchelier said...

I never understood the connection between the dots and the traditional folk dance from central europe. In any case, it looks like it snowing multicolored flakes on Nice and London.

B! said...

So the process, is the magic of photoshop?! haha... Nice image, you really got the feeling of the different times of day in these paintings.. especially the city ones. Inspiring as always. :)

Benjamin Plouffe said...

nice dots!

Zeljko said...

Polka dots !

BOCA said...

,,,Beautifulll work,,, congrats,,,

limbolo said...

I once had a track by Duke Ellington - can't remember what he called it - it was a polka.... I think he did it for fun.
There are some Tex-Mex polkas that give me a kick. Especially the ones by Steve Estaban Jordan. He can make the piano accordian swing like a tenor sax. I think he lives in L.A.

Limbolo is not really about techniques. It's more like a visual diary. I do a lot of things at the end of a day to unwind and I love the speed of photoshop for it's capacity to hit colours clean and fresh.
There are blogs out there - I would recommend Carcamo and Nathan Fowkes - which show and instruct fine and knowledgeable technique.
I am not a technician, I am a blues player.

I do not mean to suggest that Gonzalo and Nathan are only technicians.

Zeljko said...

Thanks for Gonzalo Carcamo reference his stuff looks amazing

B! said...


Improvisation.. spontaneity.. that's exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks for the recommendations.

I'll keep returning to hear your blues, play on!

M@ said...

Hirst wants his dot's back when you've finished with them.

limbolo said...

But whose dots are they?
Damien or his friend Rachel?
I guess we must say his... Because he 'thought' of them.
They're are dozens of fake Damien Hirst dot paintings trafficing the art market. But are they fakes? Or are they Damien's too... because he thought of them.

Elliot Cowan said...

It's Sony Bravia commercial.