Thursday, July 23, 2009



XAV said...

Great mountain landscape !

alberto mielgo said...

Fantastic warm colors for such a cold landscape. or cool landscape?

Take care Neil!

A. Riabovitchev said...

WoW!Love it!(:o.

sticky fingers said...


Benjamin Plouffe said...

Nice colour and internal brush shapes strokes. I also like that you only have 1 horizontal at the very back. I helps alot with the composition!

thanks for sharing

william wray said...

the the cocknosed world travelers. Funny!

Thomas von Kummant said...

have you been arround?!?!
please feel free to contact me in munich (north of the alps), if!

the alps always are a great inspiration!!! do you know the alpinists the "comptons"? - GREAT artists!!!

hope your two professionals wont get lost:-)


sticky fingers said...
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limbolo said...


I will be introducing a lady into this little saga in just a trice.

Thanks for your remarks:

Benjamin, I never noticed that.

Thomy, I will be in the Alps next week, but way, way south of Munich. Thanks for the tip on "the Comptons'.
(Sounds like an ancient British sitcom.)

Thomas von Kummant said...

...maybe you will get some inspiration there, like "das alpenglühen" - it´s nearly before the blue hour, when the last sunlight of the day hits the top of a mountain - fantastic moment - enjoy yourselve....and i would LOVE to see a scetch of this from you:-)


André Toma said...

You're work is always so beautifully done!! Just awesome!

Jack said...

Your images are rich and makes us wonder. It's great to see this..

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