Sunday, April 28, 2013



Rafael Sarmento said...

Since I believe that we'd get into perception/subject and visual sensibilities matters (because you're such an accomplished storyteller and technical approachs must be now irrelevant at this point), I'll play it simple and just ask you for the basics, instead of trying so hard to ask you for something a bit more mature (wich perhaps I'm incabaple of) - do you use selection/lasso tools for the shapes, or just custom brushes?

All the very best, as usual!

limbolo said...

Hello Raf,

I don't think I did any lassooing on this one, It's too simple for that. I use a homemade brush that is 'diamond' shaped.Then I worked into the tree shapes with a chalk- like one: it adds some crusty-ness and breaks up the hard edges. For the grainy surfaces I used a custom brush that I made by scanning water colour washes then pushing the contrast to increase texture.

Rafael Sarmento said...

Hola Neil,

Man, I'm over impressed (kinda shocked, if you allow me) with your kindness - but not that I wouldn't expect such from you, of course. THANKS for taking your time, and explaining the whole thing to me.

In fact, it makes me even sad that I'm not capable of articulating any good thoughts with you. What I think I CAN do, however, is to try. I'm so many lightyears away on sensibility and knowledge, that I'd just bore you with my lack of vision.

You made my day.

Maïlys said...

love these little houses in this very dark and dense forest, as always :)

Fernando Teixeira said...

Your art really made my day. Thank you for posting, sincerely ;)

vitalik shu said...

breathtakingly amasing! ))love the composition!