Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Autumn shadows are gathering in Limbololand and it's time to feel a little nostalgia for the southern sun.


Arri. said...

Great atmosphere, I guess you are inspiring in the light of portugal but it remainds me always spain :)

hans bacher said...

I am so glad that stupid system works again.

that's where I would love to be right now -
some good countryside food, and a good
wine from around the corner - the good
life... ach jaaaaaa...
beautyful painting, it makes me dream -

bboy said...

wow.. great work. I really like the "graphicness" of it.. yet it still has tons of depth.

limbolo said...

Mmm...Portugal? Perhaps my Atlantic roots are showing through.
I made a few new brushes in Photoshop and improvised this picture while trying them out. It's Lodeve again, in the Languedoc, where, as you can see, if you look closely,there are still some faded old 19th. C adverts for Limbolo coffee...Not for export anymore, shame.

Stef said...

Mon Dieu Neil!!! Tres tres joli! it seems like France is great inspiration to you!

alberto mielgo said...

ey Neil!!
That is beautifull as allways.
All your blog is great and I was enjoing a lot looking at it.
looking for more!

the black frog said...

That looks to me strangely familiar :)
Thank you for bringing me back to south of France I dearly miss it.


hans bacher said...

so you create brushes as well. we should exchange.
I have about 8.000. you probably would like some
of them