Monday, September 26, 2005


Symbols of Japan" by Merrily Baird. (Publ. Rizzoli)
ISBN: 0-8478-2361-X
Beautifully produced and illustrated. A dictionary of Japanese motifs, graphics - popular and traditional.

"Japonisme- the Japanese influence on Western Art since 1858"
by Siegfied Wichmann (Thames and Hudson- the English edition)
ISBN: 0-500-28163-7


Matt J said...

Thanks for the tip Limbolo. It's strange but I've certainly noticed the Oriental influence in my work recently. From the Kabuki exhibition, through Lautrec to Hirschfeld - it all seems to be flowing from the Far East. Is this where Limbolo coffee comes from per chance?

limbolo said...

the coffee is grown only in Limbololand's cool mountain valleys and pastures