Sunday, August 06, 2006

...more jazz

...There's never enough.


Oscar Grillo said...

Jack McVouty (McVea) certainly,

william wray said...

We will enjoy as long as you do.

Virgile and Marianne said...

What a nice picture!

I am with Marianne looking at your blog and we were wondering about how to say in English "Si j'avais su qu'il pleuvrait je serais venu plus tôt", could it be "If i knew it would rain, i would come earlier" ?

Marianne thinks it sounds a bit dodgy, and you?

Hello from France!

Virgile and Marianne

limbolo said...

Il semble bien a moi. Mais - s'il te plait - ne pas me dire qu'il pleut la bas!
(Peut etre - "(have) come earlier"....C'est absoluement correct.)

Ciao a toute la famille et ta pedagogue tanteuse.