Friday, September 07, 2007


Memories of a drainpipe.


CárcamO said...

Luz fascinante!!
abraço do Cárcamo

Michael said...

I can smell the piss down this alley.
Fab pic, Neil.

Matt J said...

I've been drawing these alleys in black & white but it's the COLOUR that counts! Wish i could make them from memory-mosquitoes & the afore-mentioned 'eau de piss' make drawing 'on-site' particularly strenuous!

Let's plan an exposition-! (Sans des cadres cette fois?)

limbolo said...

The main hazard in these hypnotic alleys is the turd ....not the piss.
Join us at the Waterloo, Matt - sans ou avec cadrage.

Matt J said...

I'm afraid as an honorary Frenchman I can't go anywhere near Waterloo!