Friday, September 07, 2007

Jean Gilletta

The Old Town of Nice in 1885.
Link to Gibbon to see more.


Matt J said...

Ah, the rue Droite-know it well. Or is it the rue Centrale, or rue Gauche . . . ?

Elliot Cowan said...

There was a very good exhibition at the Tate Modern I went to see with Lisa a few months back.
It was a collection of photographs documenting British life from about 1700 onwards (earlier actually, I think).
This photograph makes a good companion to a similar one taken in Glasgow.
The street was much narrower, grubbier and had twice as many guttersnipes.

The main thing the collection showed was that Brits have been a miserable bunch for a very long time.

limbolo said...

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Matt J said...

Brits are only miserable when IN Britain. It's a very small island you see..