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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

was it..? yes...

I am no big fan of newspapers, but when my my copy of the NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS comes plonking through the letterbox I know I can lay back for a good read.
Sarah Box's recent article therein contains a lexicon of inventions from Blogland:
anyhoo, bitchitude, fan-fucking, tabulous, hole-esque, nastified, alternapop, coffin-snatching, You-tube-ization, touzing, Daddio, manky, nutters, therapised,
Boo-ya nation, dildopreneur, underwearian, droit de senny...... etc.
Get the paper if you want to know the rest.
If you know them, use them 'round here.
I'm fond of 'droit de senny' and I think 'manky' comes from Manchester. I heard it - even used it - years ago in that dark, good town. It meant a disappointing one-night stand and - thereafter - anything that didn't turn out well, like a garlic omelette or laundry done in the bath.
'Daddio' is from antiquity, I would think. Ms. Boxer is either very young or the meaning has shifted.
By the way, does anybody out there know how to set a textlink in this thing? The incredible Alberto Mielgo once set me right on this, but I've forgotten....

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Blue Man

The Trail/tease for the Blue Man is now complete.
It is the story of Amou - an African boy - and his journey among the djinn, written by Bob Swain of Sidewinder Productions.
For contract reasons I can't run a quicktime here. It will be shown at Cartoon Forum in Berlin next month - with a view to raising more money, interest, cooperation deals etc.

A million thanks to everyone who helped me get the little fellow on the road:
Akiya Henry
Richard Hawley
Michael Faherty
Cako Facioli
Elliot Cowan
Morgan Francis
Sim Hankins
Nick Harrop
Ismini Sigala
Ed Godsall

Special thanks and fond memories to Morgan and Erica for their hospitality and our part in the revival of Cauliflower Cheese.