Monday, March 24, 2014

The Panorama of Konstantin Grcic

Back in October I was asked by the designer Konstantin Grcic to participate in an exhibition to be held at the Vitra Design Museum at Weil am Rein. Konstantin is one of the most successful and celebrated interior designers in the world today. You've probably sat in one of his chairs and lunched at one of his tables. The Vitra campus is a unique showcase, museum, workshop, shopping plaza - perhaps temple - of contemporary design.

Konstantin asked me to produce an image 3 metres high and 30 metres wide depicting a utopian/dystopian present and possible future. This 'panorama' wraps around the inner surface of the central gallery of the museum. The purpose and nature of the exhibition is to present Konstantin's complete body of work and his ideas and feelings about designed spaces as a series of 4 installations - Life Space, Work Space, Public Space & Object Space.

The show opened at Vitra on the 21st of this month and continues until the 14th of September.

You can find out more information here.

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