Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the heretic king 8


Iker Paz said...

I´d love to watch an animated movie with this stuff. Love the worlds U´ve got in your head, really. They stand as if they were real, their beauty and peace are both inspiring and welcoming.

limbolo said...

These images are part of a project I wrote as a screenplay-treatment: The Leopard Scarab.
At the time I was working on La Reine Soleil, (which is in production with Belokan, Paris.)
I thought the script for that movie was wasting the potential of Akhenaten's story and I voiced my opinion to the producer. He is a charming and practical man...He told me that he had a successful novel to adapt and that was that.
I believe that I will be able get the Leopard Scarab going eventually..There is still a lot of work to do.

Many thanks for your encouragement Atlantean.

Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

I love the splash of orange in the corner to lead the eye beautiful

Sparth said...

limbolo, i have been coming back in this very same place for nearly two months now, amazed by your art and by the brilliant aspect of your forms and designs.
i just love your graphic sense, it speaks to me. it's so rare nowadays.
i just keep coming back for more.


limbolo said...

Thank you Sparth.
I am moved by your remarks. I didn't know you were out there looking in. Such praise from one of the acknowledged masters of the game is very inspiring.

Tout pouvoir à votre main qui clignote.

alberto mielgo said...

oh neil.
This is makes so an impact when I see it.
Is so amazing, I really like it all.
All the space and all those lines. It is beautifull

Unknown said...


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