Sunday, August 06, 2006

...more jazz

...There's never enough.


Oscar Grillo said...

Jack McVouty (McVea) certainly,

william wray said...

We will enjoy as long as you do.

Anonymous said...

What a nice picture!

I am with Marianne looking at your blog and we were wondering about how to say in English "Si j'avais su qu'il pleuvrait je serais venu plus tôt", could it be "If i knew it would rain, i would come earlier" ?

Marianne thinks it sounds a bit dodgy, and you?

Hello from France!

Virgile and Marianne

limbolo said...

Il semble bien a moi. Mais - s'il te plait - ne pas me dire qu'il pleut la bas!
(Peut etre - "(have) come earlier"....C'est absoluement correct.)

Ciao a toute la famille et ta pedagogue tanteuse.