Thursday, February 17, 2011

tiger too

In the 1950's Edward Hoagland was a roustabout for Ringling Brothers' Circus.
He based his novel 'Cat Man' on his time as servant and jailer to the big cats.
40 years on he revealed, in an essay in Granta, the extent to which he would go to satisfy the passions of lady tigers.
(New meaning to the term 'vagina dentata')


Oscar Grillo said...

Tiger Lily.

Adrien Deggan said...

Hi Neil,

I just looked at your site and blog. Just wanted to say fantastic work! Your sense of colour and light is phenomenal. In some of your pieces you totally captured that brilliant summer light and in others the gloomy days. Anyways thought I'd say hi from Canada.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

A story thriving with visual possibilities!

Thanks so much for coming along last night. I really appreciated the concentration and care in which you took the time to look at everything.

It was daunting as hell having an artist of your calibre there. I look forward to picking your brain on Treasure Island in the next few months.

Sorry we ran out of Tiger beer and wine.

limbolo said...

Actually, this is kind of a beer bottle label.

Super show Crookie. I wish you much success.

I'm putting together my notes on Treasure Island.

Stephan Royer said...

Beautiful colors and texture! Thanks for posting

Matt Jones said...

Gives new meaning to the term 'pussy licking'?

limbolo said...

Ahoy Molesworth!

We live in liberal times and bestiality is not viewed with shame and horror as once it was.

Depends on the animal I guess. Hoagland says he drew the line at jerking off the chimps and Richard Leakey shocked the masses when he reckoned we could interbreed with chimps. But the noble tiger is, I believe, the possible sexual partner most approved in free-thinking circles.